Behind the Tin Sheets (2009-2014) a film based project. It uses video and other related media to engage with the changing landscape of Bangalore. It is an account of stories and experiences with Ghosts, Love and Labour as narrated by workers against the mutation of the city.

Films: in_transience, 27mns, 2011 /presence,17mns, 2012/distance, 34mns, 2013

Installations: Geometry of memory, video, 2012/  footloose, tinsheets, paint boxes, maps, sound , 2010/ middle of somewhere, theatre, projection, 2010

Films made in collaboration with V.V.Giri Institute of Indian Labour Archive, Noida: Down the Rabbit Hole, 21 mns, 2012/ a very old man with winged sandals, 17mns, 2012